A vector illustration of a person with short black hair, pale skin, and black eyes. Their hands are grabbing their hair. Their mouth is slightly open. They look shocked or exasperated.
A vector self-portrait of Eb, created in 2011.

This blog started as part of a class assignment in 2015. As part of the assignment, it was meant to have a narrow focus. This started as a blog about representation of Disabled people in entertainment media. Over the last three years, I discovered I’m not terribly good at intentionally watching and giving commentary on media from a Disabled perspective. Especially not with any regularity.

So this has become just my blog. It’s where I’m putting things that need more permanence or continuity or length than a tweet or Twitter thread can provide. I have hopes about writing longer form pieces that sum up some of my Twitter meta-threads and making an archive of the meta-threads, but I’m not holding myself to any kind of schedule for that.

The blog needs some work. I’ll get to that eventually, too.