An edited screenshot of the browser Twitter reply interface. Includes a tweet and the reply text box following the tweet.
Opening the Reply To interface.

An edited screenshot of the browser Twitter reply interface. Includes a tweet and the reply text box following the tweet.

The background of the entire image is dark blue. Select interface highlights are magenta.

The top of the image includes information about the person who wrote the tweet. It includes the user’s avatar, which is an image of a light-skinned person with black hair and their hands in their hair. The person’s mouth is open. They look exasperated.

To the right of the avatar is the user’s display name in a white sans-serif typeface. The text is: “Eb Hates The Whole Month Of April”. Beneath this, in a light grey sans-serif typeface, is the user’s username. The text is: “@EbThen”.

The next line indicates the account to which the user is replying with this tweet. The body of the text is the same light grey sans-serif typeface as previous. The username of the account is in the previously mentioned magenta typeface. The text is: “Replying to @LidsRodney”.

This is followed by the body of the tweet, which has been edited. The typeface of the edited text is white sans-serif. It is a different font from the unedited user interface. The text “@SJwishlists” is the only unedited part of the tweet and is in the original magenta sans-serif typeface.

The text of the edited tweet is as follows:

“That is a brilliant idea, and I am so glad you had it!

“I want to mention my awesome project @SJwishlists in this not-at-all awkward and totally conversational way.

“Oh look, I have accomplished my goal.”

Below the text of the tweet is the date and time information of the original tweet. This is in a light grey sans-serif typeface. The information is: “11:56 AM – 14 Apr 2018”.

Underneath that are icons indicating interaction options, all in light grey. These are: Reply, Retweet, Buffer, Like, and Analytics.

Below the tweet is a browser Twitter reply box.

To the right of a small version of the same Twitter avatar from the previous tweet is a text box.

Above the text box is the statement “Replying to @EbThen @LidsRodney and @sjwishlists”

The text “@EbThen @LidsRodney and @sjwishlists” has a yellow oval around it. A yellow arrow points to the oval. Above the arrow is the text, in yellow: “Clicky Clicky.”

Inside the text box, the following content appears in a white typeface: “I have more to say because of course I do.”

Underneath the text box are icons indicating photo, GIF, poll, and location, as well as the Reply button.

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