#YouCantBeAutistic: Day 3 and 1,159 Responses

Holy. Shit.

So um. Once upon a time, I was trying to decide what platform to run my #YouCantBeAutistic survey on and I decided against SurveyMonkey because:

Well. It turns out that was a good decision.

Text: Responses 1,159
This number is very much bigger than I expected.

I’m kind of stunned and the number of respondents keeps rising. I’m not sure how everyone got there and I maybe should have asked.

Also I’ve already seen at least one set of duplicate responses due to errors with Google Forms (the timestamps make that pretty obvious) so I know I’m going to need to sift those out and check for more. I’m also not entirely convinced all the responses are legitimate, just bc surely with that many responses in an anonymous survey there will be some people giving joke answers? So the number of actual legitimate responses is probably less than the raw number.

Even so, if only HALF the responses I’m getting are legitimate, this is a pretty large survey of Autistic (and not sure/questioning) people. Part of me is in awe that these people trust me but also I recognize it’s not really about me. It’s about telling these stories. It’s about sharing experiences and seeing that others have had the same thing.

Just looking at the raw pie chart Google Forms puts together for me, of the 1,150 people so far who answered “Have you been told ‘You can’t be Autistic’?”, 75.4% (867 people) said yes. I mean, I don’t think it’s news but like… Wow. And I think the survey probably selects for that just in the name, but still.

I’m a little overwhelmed. Because this survey mainly exists to collect anecdotes… that’s a lot of anecdotes.

I hope the response rate will slow soon and I can get an idea of when I want to close the survey. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn regex so I can sort through the data better.

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I am an Autistic Disabled Filipino-USian person. I use ID-first language. My pronouns are they/their/theirs.

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